Millbrook House

Millbrook House

The MTDHS was founded in 1985 and members are both local folks with an interest in the towns histories and those with local roots. The Mount Tabor-Danby Historical Society bought the Millbrook House, a historic home in Danby right on the Mill Brook, in November 2010 and celebrated the 250th anniversary of the towns official organization in late August 2011. Just a day later, the historic home, which had previously survived the catastrophic flood of 1927, collapsed into the Mill Brook becoming part of the great devastation that Tropical Storm Irene brought on Vermont.

Though many historical artifacts and treasures were lost that day, the caring members of the society will continue to rebuild and expand their collection and knowledge on the history of Danby, Mount Tabor, and their surrounding land.

Trustees and Officers

Ellen Boer (email)
Herbert Ogden (email)
Hope Blucher (email)
Bradley J. Bender, President (email)
Cindy Taylor-Patch, Vice President (email)
Marjorie Abbott, Secretary (email)
Shelley Taylor, Treasurer (email)

250th Celebration Parade & Fountain Dedication

The fountain is dedicated to Abe and Pauline Rosen and their daughter Cecilia Strauss in honor of Danby’s 250 Anniversary by Bradley Bender, President MTDHS and Bradford Danby Kimball and Ranch Kimball, Jr. great-great grandsons of Abe & Pauline Rosen.

Restoring the Historic Streetscape

The Historical Society, with the help of John and Eileen Badgewick, Trish, Roger and Ben Bromley, Dave Langsett, John Niles and equipment from Tom Fuller Jr. and Abbott Construction, planted 13 Red Sunset Maple trees along Main Street and Mt. Tabor Avenue on May 14th. The Society plans to plant a total of 57 trees over the next 3 years to restore our historic streetscape. This variety of Maples is tolerant to road salt and has bright red foliage in the fall.

Millbrook House Flooding

Below are videos taken of the Millbrook House as it was taken by Tropical Storm Irene flooding.