Danby Goes to Top of Three-Star Honor List

Danby has topped the county’s three-star honor roll with a four-star record. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J, Baker of Danby have four sons serving in the army, three of whom enlisted. The fourth volunteered and was rejected, later being accepted in the draft. The soldiers are as follows: William M. Baker, Company C, 6th U. S. Engineers, A. E. F., France, enlisted in Ohio, May 31, 1917; Corp. B. B. Baker, Company B, 103d infantry, 26th division, A. E. F., France. enlisted in Rutland, May 6, 1917; Corp. Carl At Baker, Battery E, 82d field artillery, Fort Blis, Tex., enlisted in Ohio, June 10, 1917; Irving H. Baker, Company K, 163d infantry, A. E. F., Franco, drafted in Montana, September 1, 1917, after volunteering and being rejected the same summer.