S. L. Griffith Memorial Library
Dedicatory Services
Wednesday, March 25th, 1908.
2 o’clock p.m.
Congregational Church.
Danby, Vermont.

Overture—“Welcome,” – – Caitlin Brehmer’s Orchestra
Prayer, – – Rev. W. A. McIntire, Danby
Music, – – Choir Selection
Presentation on the part of the Trustees to the Library Committee, Mr. Geo L. Rice, Rutland
Acceptance on behalf of Committee, Rev. W. A. McIntire
Cornet Solo—“Palms” – – Faure Mr. E. S. Kane
Address, – Hon. W. J. Bigelow, Burlington
Clarinet and Cornet Duet—“Plains of Peace,”Mr. O. C. Ballou and Mr. Kane
Address, – Rev. H. J. Malliet, East Dorset
Concert March, – – Orchestra