Silas Griffith In Memoriam

Friday, July 31, 1903
Southern Vermont Mirror

Absorbed in his business, oppressed by its care,
He was seized by disease, and sank from it there;
And being possessed by an unyielding will,
He sought his physicians—it baffled their
The best of trained nurses lie sought to obtain,
Yet, do what they would, their efforts were vain;
His unyielding nature, that failure would spurn,
In a far distant land would seek health’s return.

And there, among strangers, with few kindred near,
He valiantly battled for health that was dear,
With a varied result, in hope and despair,
In which all his neighbors and kindred would share;
And she that stood by him, faithful to the end,
Was far more than neighbor, companion or friend—
She stood by his bedside to smooth out his life,
Just in position of companion and wife.

Friends, kindred, neighbors and daughter most dear,
Weep not for his loss, for his fate never fear;
The same hand that led him through scenes dark and drear
Will now in its mercy stand very near.
May God bless the people who feel their great loss—
It must be his gain though to us it is loss;
And God bless the train that speeds him along
To his home and the tomb that has waited so long.