Pearl Buck

Pearl Buck

Pearl Buck

Pearl Buck, famous American writer and novelist, spent much of her life calling the beautiful mountains of Vermont home. In her later years, though her house was only 30 miles from the small village, Pearl discovered Danby for the first time and fell in love. It was through her business manager who purchased the then crumbling country store that Pearl Buck came to be so involved in the revival of Danby.

Seeing that the town had beautiful and prosperous beginnings, Pearl became consumed with the history of both the people and the industry of the area. She spent much time and money helping her business manager to restore the old country store and learn as much as possible about the increasingly rejuvenated area.

In the last years of her life Pearl Buck wrote fondly of Danby and the new beginning she was witness to in the early 1970’s. She contributed greatly to both the spirit and rebuilding of Danby Village, and she will always be honored by its residents.

The Vermont Village Square

Pearl Buck bought these 4 buildings in 1968 and 1969 and called it The Vermont Village Square, using a red and white color scheme on the exterior.  She formed a corporation, Creativity, Inc. which held title to the buildings.

Pearl’s Gravesite

Pearl Buck Gravesite
The flush grave marker at the gravesite of Ms. Buck is made of Vermont granite. Ms. Buck spent many happy family vacations in Vermont and died of cancer while in Vermont on March 6, 1973 at the age of 80.

The oval shaped engraving in the ancient Chinese calligraphy style is reflective of the birth name of Ms. Buck. This symbol is her personal signature, known as a chop. It is similar to what we may associate with an Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol associated with a name, as a cartouche.

At the head of the grave is a granite stone also from Vermont, with a traditional brass grave inscription in English.

The Chinese characters are three words, precious then the next is gem for the name Pearl.

The last one is silk knitter which is a cognate for her German maiden name of Sydenstricker.

This chop signature translates as Precious gem silk knitter for Pearl Sydenstricker.


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Newspaper Clippings

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